Our range of luxurious pillows are of the highest possible quality and are designed to ensure a night of total comfort. Our range of pillows are of premium quality, with luxury bounce back capabilities and are flame retardant to British Standards.


All pillows from our range including the siesta hollow-fibre, the super-bounce and the slumba hollow-fibre pillow are made with the very best materials on offer and are the highest possible quality, allowing guests to have a perfect night sleep and stay in total comfort.

To help you achieve this blissful environment, we have created a luxury range of pillows, ideal for creating the perfect relaxing atmosphere. This exclusive range will go hand in hand with our extensive selection of duvets and mattress and pillow protectors sure to keep you wrapped up at night.

Furthermore, to extend your enjoyment and relaxation then see our extensive selection of bedroom accessories to complete a perfect night of slumber. Walter Geering also supply bedroom accessories, hotel linen and luxury toiletries that are sure to brighten up and living space. Plus, be sure to check out our best selling Ebony London toiletry collection, an elegant collection of fruity fragrances which come in wide range of captivating colours.

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